Q: What Is A F.A.Q.U.E.?

A: Knock it off.

Q: What is Space Skull?

A: It is what you’re looking at now, it is a comic strip about a skull flying through space.

Q: Who is Space Skull?

A: That’s entirely up to you.  No matter what we say, you’re going to project someone you know into the skull.

Q: How did Space Skull get started?

A: Dan was really, really bored one day working at the office, and realized if he was going to do that type of work, all day, forever, he would have to figure out something else to do for fun. In a matter of seconds, Dan had ideas for two different strips: Space Skull and the soon-to-be-developed Horrendo.  He called up Bud, who has a number of terrific comics under his belt, and pitched both ideas.  They decided Space Skull was the simplest and they went with that.  Dan flew out to Puerto Rico to write the first season of the strip, and Bud worked on the character design from the continent.

Q: Then what happened?

A: Oh just stop it. Go to another page.

Q: No, really?

A: Well, they published it on May 17 of 2012 and it became an instant hit, and now it’s a constant struggle to be inspired.  Actually they’re just starting season two as of this writing and that’s when everything gets really good.

Q: Will there be merchandise to purch-

A: YES THERE WILL BE MERCHANDISE TO PURCHASE!  We are getting it ready for you now.  As well as a load of other really interesting stuff for the site.

Q: You are rather mean on this F.A.Q.U.E.  Also, the comic strip is blasphemous.  Who can I complain to?

A: Please direct all complaints to Space Skull himself, on Twitter.  He will answer your complaints.