About Space Skull

It’s a long way between things in outer space, and nobody knows that better than Space Skull. He has things to do! In space! These things take time. That’s why his exclusive clients pay him so well. But how does he do it?

Well, he’s dead for one thing, so he doesn’t need to breathe or age. But in Space Skull’s universe, nobody really dies, they just get sent elsewhere in the galaxy! His biggest problem is the same as ours: dealing with everybody he runs into. Follow Space Skull as he makes his way through our solar system and into a mind-warping trip through time and space, doing battle and business with fussy aliens, awkward planetary customs, fatuous occult godfathers, gabby rock musicians and Richie, his man at mission-control, whose wife has hoarding issues.

Stinging dialogue, pesky space birds, monstrous ice worms and occasionally crazy action all come together in this long, freaked-out intergalactic trip! Written and conceived by Minneapolis writer Dan Boen and illustrated by Meatfist and Gronk artist Bud Burgy, Space Skull is something entirely new in the web-comic universe.


Inception date: May 18, 2012
Written and Conceived by Dan Boen
Illustrated by Bud Burgy
Character Designs: Bud and Dan
Web Consultant: JJ Jurgens