Contest #2: Pick The Space Skull Playlist!

ESSAY CONTEST – Three Grand Prizes!

That’s right, this is an Essay Contest.  As you all know, Space Skull is or was somehow strangely involved with the global music scene.  Back when he had skin.  And more bones.  So the question naturally arises: What does Space Skull listen to?  Specifically, what is on his iPod? Or whatever they call the music player on the new iPhone.


PART I:  List the top five songs and artists you think Space Skull has on his Frequently Played playlist on his phone.  Please list the artist and title for each song. 

PART 2: Write about WHY you think these songs are on his phone.  More points will be given for thorough analyses of Space Skull’s character and how he might relate to the music and when it was made, and how he might relate to what the artist was trying to say.   There is no minimum word count, but each song must have at least some reason for being on the list.

Submit your answers in the form below.  We will pick three winners on MONDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2012.  That’s a little over a month for you to think about it, and we’ll remind you.  Because we want you to enter to win.

The essays will be read and graded by Bud & Dan, with final winners chosen by Space Skull, based on sincerity. 

- A copy of our signed, limited edition Space Skull book of super-cool dimensions!  Signed and numbered by Dan and Bud
- A bunch of buttons – including UNRELEASED DARK MARK BUTTONS!
- And an ultra rare postcard from Space Skull himself, thanking and congratulating you for entering and winning, and sent by Space Skull himself, from Space.

IF YOU WIN:  We will notify you by email and ask you for your mailing address – no need to submit it now.

Are you ready?????  Go!