Welcome Back!

Hi Gang! Welcome back to the site!  So we’ve remodeled a bit and it doesn’t look so, say, you know, 1999. It looks more like 2010.  But there’s the archive over there on the left, so you can catch up on the strip and review, and we’ll be putting more widgets on this site once we figure out how to use them.   There’s going to be a bunch more stuff sprouting up on the site over the weekend, too - a fine collection of odds, ends and memes from the Facebook page, a post about our great time at ZineFest, and a CONTEST.

The Space Skull RETURNS this Monday, October 15!  All new strips, new characters, and the real beginnings of an actual plot!   Be sure to follow us on Facebook, and on Twitter.  We’ll get the button up there on the sidebar.  As soon as we figure out what the problem is with Twitter. We’ve got a load of stuff in store from here until the end of the year, so stay tuned!